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Funding opportunities 2015

Due Date Name/link Agency Type Award scale Resources
Oct-Nov NSF Math NSF Research 200000 (3 years)
Jan 28 Senate Grants for Research and Scholarship WVU Research 20000-30000
Jan 31 Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians Simons Travel 35000 (over 5 years)
Jan 15, Apr 15; Oct 15 Faculty Development Grants WVU Travel 650
Feb 4 Faculty Travel Grants WVU Travel 900
Feb 12 Doliciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant MAA Outreach 5000
Feb 17? Research Proposal Mini Grant WVResearch External Proposal Preparation 6000
rolling Faculty International Programs WVU Travel 1000

Some questions (please help if you know the answers)

1. Senate Grants are now either Scholarship or Seed. I'm reading the description:

Scholarship grants include research and other creative endeavors that traditionally do not attract external funding sources. Funds may not be used to primarily generate data or gather material for graduate theses or dissertations. Seed grants are oriented to acquiring data, performing analysis, or pursing research targeted at seeking substantial external funding. Applications will only be reviewed for one grant program.

It seems like mathematics falls under neither of the two.

2. The webpage for Faculty Development Grants is outdated. In January there was an email with application forms for 2015, but that's really not a convenient way of doing this. Can we ask someone that the webpage be kept current, with all application materials downloadable there?

3. The webpage for the WV Division of Science and Research is outdated. Can we ask someone to fix it? What is the 2015 deadline for the Research Proposal Mini Grant?