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General Information

Description: Math Club for middle and high school students of Morgantown area.

Organizers: Casian Pantea email. Charis Tsikkou email. Megan Henry (grad assistant) email

Meeting schedule: Tuesdays, 6-7:30 PM in Armstrong 315

Acknowledgements: We are supported by an MAA Dolciani Enrichment Grant, a WVU Community Engagement Grant and by the WVU Department of Mathematics

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Useful Resources

Math Competitions
WVU Junior Math Competition Saturday, April 8th

MAA AMC Contests
The Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament
Princeton University Mathematics Competition
American Regions Mathematics League
National Internet Math Olympiad (NIMO)
Online Math Open (OMO)
USC High School Math Contest
Math Prize for Girls
Michigan Math Prize Competition (MMPC)
A Collection of Math Olympiad Problems
Art of Problem Solving
Berkeley Math Circle
Po-Shen Loh's website
Yufei Zhao's website

Calendar (subject to changes)

Date Topic Instructor Files
Oct 25 Algebraic Manipulations; Identities Casian Pantea Problem Set 1, Solutions
Nov 1 Problem Solving I Casian Pantea Problem Set 2, Selected Solutions, Answer Key
Nov 15 Radicals; Absolute Values Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 3, Solutions
Nov 29 Counting 1 John Goldwasser Session 4 Notes and Questions
Dec 6 Counting 2 John Goldwasser Middle School Set, High School Set
Dec 13 Inequalities Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 6, Solutions
Jan 10 Polynomials Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 7, Solutions
Jan 17 Geometry Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 8, Some Formulas, Solutions
Jan 24 Divisibility Rong Luo Problem Set 9, Solutions
Jan 31 Problem Solving II Charis Tsikkou AMC 8 Test 1, AMC 8 Test 2, AMC 10, AMC 12 2009 Test, AMC 12 "Hard", AMC 12 "Harder", Problem Set 10 Test Keys
Feb 7 The Quadratic Function Casian Pantea Problem Set 11, Solutions
Feb 14 Induction Rong Luo Problem Set 12, Solutions
Feb 21 Problem Solving III Galyna Voitiuk Problem Set 13, Key, Select Solutions
Feb 28 Integer and Fractional Part Galyna Voitiuk Basic Information, Problem Set 14, Solutions
Mar 14 Probability Casian Pantea Problem Set 15, Solutions
Mar 21 Functional Equations Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 16, Solutions
Mar 28 Logarithms Ela Celikbas Problem Set 17, Solutions
Apr 4 Number Theory Casian Pantea Problem Set 18, Solutions
Apr 11 Trigonometric Identities Galyna Voitiuk Problem Set 19, Solutions
Apr 18 Sequences and Limits; Problem Solving IV Charis Tsikkou Problem Set 20- Limits, Limits Solutions, AMC 8A, AMC 8B, AMC 10, AMC 12, AMC Keys