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Course Information

Description: Elementary Differential Equations.

Instructor: Casian Pantea. email me

Class schedule: TR 4:00-5:50PM in Armstrong 117

Office hours: Tuesday 10-11AM, Thursdays 1-2PM, in Armstrong Hall 305B

Info sheet containing more or less the stuff on this webpage.

Textbooks and resources


Boyce & DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 10th Edition

Useful free resources:

Linear algebra notes

Linear Algebra Done Wrong, Treil
Linear Algebra -- wiki textbook

Web goodies

Khan Academy


Grading scheme

  • 30% Final exam on Tuesday Dec 15 2015, 8-10AM in Armstrong Hall room 117
  • 40% Two midterm exams (2x20%)
  • 20% Quizzes
  • 10% Homework assignments
  • Letter grades will be assigned according to the scheme
A 90-100% | B 80-90% | C 70-80% | D 60-70% | F 0-60%


  • There will be six 10-minute quizzes (one every two weeks); best five will count towards your grade.
  • Quizzes will test the material covered during the previous two weeks.
  • No make-up quizzes will be given.


  • Homework will be assigned once every two weeks, and due two weeks later (please see the course schedule below for exact dates).
  • Your best five homework papers will count towards the final grade.
  • Late turn-ins will not be accepted.


  • There will be two 80-minutes in-class midterm exams, on September 22 and November 3.
  • Midterm exams will test material covered after the previous midterm (they are not cumulative).
  • Calculators will not be allowed.

Final Exam

  • Tuesday Dec 15 2015, 8-10AM in Armstrong 117.
  • Final is cumulative.

Course Schedule (updated as we go along)

Date Topic Resources HW/Quiz
Tuesday, Aug 18 Introduction 1.1 Evaluation Test
Thursday, Aug 20 Solving equations; types of equations 1.2, 1.3
Tuesday, Aug 25 Linear ODEs. Integrating factors 2.1
Thursday, Aug 27 Separable ODEs 2.2
Tuesday, Sep 1 Some models 2.3, 2.5
Thursday, Sep 3 Linear homogeneous equations. Constant Coefficients 3.1-3.3 HW1 due
Tuesday, Sep 8 Constant Coefficients. Mechanical vibrations 3.4, 3.7.
Thursday, Sep 10 Method of the undetermined coefficients 3.5 Quiz1
Tuesday, Sep 15 Variation of parameters. Review 3.6
Thursday, Sep 17 Review HW2 due
Tuesday, Sep 22 Midterm Exam Solutions
Thursday, Sep 24 Power series 5.1 Quiz2
Tuesday, Sep 29 Series solutions near ordinary points 5.2
Thursday, Oct 1 Series solutions near ordinary points 5.3 HW3 due
Tuesday, Oct 6 Euler equations, regular singular points 5.4
Thursday, Oct 8 Review of matrices 7.2 Quiz3
Thursday, Oct 15 Linear independence, Eigenvalues, eigenvaectors 7.3
Tuesday, Oct 20 Intro to systems of first order linear equations 7.1
Thursday, Oct 22 Systems of first order linear equations 7.4 Quiz4
Tuesday, Oct 27 Homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficients 7.5
Thursday, Oct 29 Homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficients 7.6 HW4 due
Tuesday, Nov 3 Midterm Exam
Thursday, Nov 5 Homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficients 7.8 Quiz5
Tuesday, Nov 10 Homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficients 7.9
Thursday, Nov 12 Laplace Transform 6.1 HW5 due
Tuesday, Nov 17 Laplace Transform 6.2
Thursday, Nov 19 Laplace Transform 6.3 Quiz6
Tuesday, Dec 1 Laplace Transform 6.4, 6.5
Thursday, Dec 3 Review HW6 due
Tuesday, Dec 8
Tuesday, Dec 15 Final Exam - 8AM-10AM, ARM 112

Where does your score stand?

Inclusivity statement

The West Virginia University community is committed to creating and fostering a positive learning and working environment based on open communication, mutual respect, and inclusion. If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing any type of accommodation in order to participate in this class, please advise me and make appropriate arrangements with the Office of Accessibility Services (293-6700). For more information on West Virginia University's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, please see http://diversity.wvu.edu.